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Managing User Access Requests

Account Admin may also receive Request Access email from a Regular User in their organisation. This is when the user has attempted to create a new account on the Gelato sign-up page by entering email id with the correct domain name (email@abc-xyz.web) of his / her organisation. It triggers an email to all the Admins of your organisation's Gelato account. 

This feature helps avoid creation the user's Gelato account, outside of your company's account (which would have been without any files or payment setup). The admins will also see such 'Access Requests' under 'Approvals' tab when they log in to Gelato account.

Admin can opt out of Access Request emails from users by going into 'Account' from top right corner of the page & then 'Notifications'.


If Access Control (creating Roles) feature is included in your Gelato Subscription Plan, then any user with Manage users access will be able to receive notifications and manage user access requests. Following 2 images show how only a 'Manage Users' specific role can be created and then assigned to an admin/user.



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