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Managing User Access Requests

When a new user tries to create an account on the Gelato sign-up page ( by entering an email id with his/her company's domain name (, it will trigger an email alert to all the Admin users of that company's Gelato account. 

New user will view the below message:

This feature is there to avoid users from outside a company get access to any Gelato account, without being reviewed first. The Admin users can login to their account and view the pending requests as showed below:

If user is recognised and should be granted access to the account, follow 'Invite user' link and set up role and permissions (see below) of the new user. Otherwise you can just reject the request.



After sending the invitation, the user will receive an email with instructions to complete registration and join his/her company's Gelato account.

Note: an Admin can opt out of Access Request emails by going into 'Account' from top right corner of the page , then 'Notifications'.

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