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Requesting Access to Your Organisation's Account

Account Admins for your organisation's Gelato account are expected to send out an email to the Regular Users of the account. This invitation email with a link for creating your Regular User account has an expiry when it is generated by your Admin.

Some users may miss out the invitation email or such an email may have expired before the user could activate his / her account. In such cases, it is advised to contact your account admin. Also Gelato can do this for you, by sending out an email, but only when you use the valid email with domain of your organisation (email@abc-xyz.web) for Creating Account on the sign-up page.

This is to avoid creation of your Gelato account, outside of your company's account. When you use the correct email domain and mention Your Name & Company Name, Gelato identifies the email domain with an existing customer account. This triggers an email to all the Admins of your organisation's account with Gelato. A message as shown in the image should confirm to you that an email to your account admin was sent requesting access to Gelato for you.

If you wish to only send such request to specific admin relevant to your department function or business division, we suggest that you contact them internally by a direct email to request access.


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