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Billing entities and Cost Centers - Why You Need These

One of account setup steps is to build up the billing structure in accordance with your contract terms and conditions. You may have global offices from where you would like to pay for Gelato services. Each of these offices can be your one billing entity.

It is highly important to populate the correct information about your Legal Entity (Local company name), Bank details and invoice recipient contact details. The recipient is primarily the person, who is responsible for finance in your company and will control the payment process with Gelato. This person will receive all invoices on monthly basis. It is also recommended that you include an email address such as '' rather than an individuals' email id. This helps keep the changes to minimum when the org changes happen in your company.

For each billing entity, you also can create the cost centers and project codes. The cost centers are used primarily by customers in case they have separate marketing budgets for business units/regions/countries. Project codes are relevant to your company if users have a budget per each project and want to control costs separately. With cost centers and project codes, you can easily identify and assign the invoice payment to the appropriate user group. Also reports can be generated for all orders placed from Gelato using specific Cost Center or Project Code.

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