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Payment Methods : Assigning to Users

Account setup is one of the milestones during our Implementation project and setting up Payment Methods is one important steps towards this. To be able to manage budgets and costs in the most efficient way you can choose the appropriate payment options in accordance with your company’s policies. If your company works through distributors, for example, you can choose to have them pay with credit card or invoice, having control over who covers the costs. The same applies for different groups/business units of your organisation

Gelato provides companies with an option to pay by card or to use company’s invoice.

  1. Payment by card - if you choose this option, each user can put his/her credit card credentials in 'Account > Credit Cards' section, in this case, users will control the payment process by themselves. We recommend using this option when you invite third-party users (e.g. partners, distributors, re-sellers) who have a separate marketing budget and manage the print marketing activities independently.
  2. Payment by invoice - if you choose this option, your company will receive invoices on monthly basis, before the 10th days of next month coming after the order was placed.  

Gelato also offers a 'Payment request' option, which limits selected users from placing an order without this being approved first by another party (normally the account administrator). It is a useful option if you want to limit some rights for users and control costs. You can assign 'Approval rights' for the one or more users/admins in 'roles setup' section by activating 'Approve & Pay' option. More about the roles you can find here.

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