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Introducing Gelato to Your Team

Why a kick-off call with the team plays an important role?

Managing and adapting to change has been the most difficult phase for most of the companies. While you have decided to print locally with Gelato, it is also important for your team to understand the key benefits of this change and how would this equip them.
We highly recommend the admin to introduce Gelato and manage the expectations effectively. Your Account manager and Implementation Specialist are always available to answer any technical questions via email or conduct a webinar (need-based) to address these questions. We have also seen a great impact of C-Level managements' presence in these meetings to reinforce the message and link the change with the vision of the company.

Usually, a kick-off call could be of two types:

  • With the regional heads/marketing managers to introduce Gelato
  • With the users to onboard them on the platform

While the former kick-off meeting would be to set the tone for the change and address high-level questions from the group, anchoring the changes to come and getting support in making the big organisational change, the later meeting should focus on explaining the benefits for the users (we usually focus on topics such as: simplifying the workflow and reduce workload).

You can get support from us with a presentation on why the company chose to move to Gelato. We also recommend covering how this change will help the company achieve their vision and mission along with sustainability benefits.

During a meeting like this (kick-off webinar/workshop) these are the topics that are usually covered:

  • what Gelato is and how the platform works
  • their roles and permissions
  • how to access the files and order prints
  • how to request files that are not yet on the platform
  • who is be responsible to upload and update files
  • who is be designing those files
  • whom to reach if they have questions or changes required in the current permissions/files
  • how to contact Gelato
  • the launch date and how it would impact their day-to-day operations
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