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Gelato Internal Announcement of Launch Date

One of the first milestone during Implementation of Gelato within your company is sending put a Commitment email: this is an email that usually CMOs, Heads of Marketing, CEO sends out to employees announcing the Gelato launch. It works as a teaser that creates early engagement with Gelato which will help you in rolling out the software more effectively. 


Here is an example that you can copy and paste and share both with your all relevant people within your company: 

Purpose – Innovation & technology assisting our company to achieve costs savings through digitalizing our brand management

Moving to Gelato from June 15th 
As many of you know, we are now implementing Gelato, a company that is changing the way global organizations like ours can manage our brand and printing across the world. Just wanted to share the update with you and more details will follow in the upcoming weeks.

What is Gelato?
Gelato is a software company that has brought the sharing economy to the printing industry. They do not own any printers instead their software connects top professional printers from all over the world. Gelatos global presence offers companies to print and deliver locally (today they are reaching 5.3 billion people in 73 countries).

What can be achieved with Gelato:

  • Cost savings: Total cost of printing includes printing, shipping, translation, design, customs, excess printing, storage costs and admin time. By working together with Gelato, total cost of printing can be reduced up to 50%. Supporting our five-year financial plan and company-wide cost savings programs.
  • GDPR: From May 25th 2018 the new EU legislation (GDPR) is activated. Going forward companies must control who prints and what they print. Over Gelato you know exactly what has been printed and where.
  • Reduced carbon footprint: By printing locally and on-demand, shipping distances can be reduced up to 90% and print volumes up to 50%. Combined this has the potential of reducing total carbon emission by up to 60%.
  • Increase brand control: By managing print files over one global platform, centralized marketing teams get increased brand control - one brand managed over one global digital library, connected to one global print cloud. 

Shaping Smart Change - How Gelato works
In the same way as our customers have chosen our company, we have chosen Gelato to find the right balance between speed, efficiency, cost and product quality by linking data & software. Brand and print files will be stored in Gelato’s cloud solution. People across the world access files from one platform – over mobile or desktop. Empowering managers to analyze data for print marketing assets and to globally measure print marketing investments. As reference, examples of other Gelato customers are: Hexagon, Jotun, Lufthansa Cargo, Miele and Hydro.

Moving to Gelato from June 15th 
Going forward all printing should be done through Gelato. Some people will find this change intimidating, and I need your support to help everyone understand that this change is for the greater good. Feedback on quality, product, and functionality should be forwarded to TBD (AM, POC of company, Impl. manager)

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