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Gelato vs Your Existing Print Setup

You have opted to use Gelato and this is the first step in your ambitious journey to achieving cost savings while printing in an eco-friendly way

Gelato offers:

  • On-demand printing: which means smallest possible order quantity only just before you need your print material
  • Brand control: ensuring consistency and adherence to your brand guidelines (like control over the paper type used for printing them, designing, and layout of the files, minimum and maximum quantity to be printed, etc.) 
  • Cost savings: your team could order the prints a week before the need instead of stocking it up for a quarter to a year. They can also save on shipping as Gelato helps them to ship to the location where the file is needed
  • Order prints using the same design files for offices in more than 100 countries
  • Account interface in 11 languages and order payment in 23 currencies (billing with local tax rates in 27 local currencies)
  • All this using our eco-friendly ways of printing locally, nearest from your delivery address
  • Ready templates for your designers to create the files for quick upload & error free printing

Online and on-demand are much better than multiple touch points spread geographically and broken communication requiring follow-ups. Printing in a single location for global offices or locally for year-round demand will incur costs while hurting your sustainability program

To get the best results from your Gelato subscription, make sure that:

  • Your latest design files with updated content are available for your account users to order in the Library
  • All your account users are onboard with the ordering process and have the correct group and role assigned
  • Your finance team is aware of Gelato service and has provided the correct invoicing details for all orders printed with Gelato
  • Orders are placed with complete recipient details and shipping address to avoid delays
  • You have downloaded proof of print document ordered (for order amounting EUR 2000+, approving soft proof is a step in placing orders)
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