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Understanding Your Gelato Subscription

As a Gelato Globe administration for your organisation, you can see the Subscription / price plan active for your account. To check this, once you have logged in to Gelato, click on the round button with your initials in the top right corner, then select 'Settings' from the drop down list. The 'Subscription' tab on the left shows your active plan and the available upgrades for you. 

To explain some of the feature of your price plan: 

  • Administrators: The number of persons you want to assign as Admin for setting up and maintaining Gelato account. 
  • Billing Entities: The office (corporate or finance entities) to which Gelato can send you the invoices for your orders. 
  • Access Control: By default, a Basic Gelato account comes with an Admin and a Regular user role. To be able to add more roles and create different permissions levels (e.g. Designer, Distributor) and control the access level of multiple stakeholders in the account, you will need a Professional or Enterprise subscription. 
  • Account Structure: By default, a Basic Gelato does not allow you to create groups, which means you cannot assign different users to groups, assign different payment methods or make specific content visible to them. To do that, you will need a Professional or Enterprise subscription. 
  • Easy access business cards: The simple business card ordering flow is a solution that the account Admin can enable for all users in a company for ordering business cards, over desktop or any mobile device.  For ease of access, the solution does not require users to sign up. This link can be made public for all your colleagues and shared on your intranet or any other internal communication channels.
  • Branded storefront: Customize your account with your company logo and set a background image of your choice for the sing up page. 


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