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Gelato Print Plugin for Adobe


The Gelato Print Plugin for Adobe is a free extension for the Adobe Creative Cloud that will make your experience with Gelato smoother and seamless.

Important: The plugin is supported only by Adobe CC15 and higher. If you have an older version of the Adobe suite, please use the Gelato PDF Export Preset to generate PDFs and upload them to your account.


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Key benefits

  • You can design directly in the formats we offer, without worries about bleed or document dimensions. The Adobe extension provides empty templates with the bleed area included which allow designers to easily create their artwork in the correct dimensions.
  • Using the plugin, creatives can upload both editable templates and ready-to-print files directly to the Gelato account without saving as PDF. With editable templates, layout and graphics remain intact in the template, no matter who edits it. 
  • Files uploaded with the plugin can later be changed directly from Adobe programs and the updates are mirrored on the Gelato platform. 
  • Any file uploaded or exported from the print plugin, will apply the Gelato PDF preflight settings ("Gelato standard").  


Download our free Adobe plugin


Download and Sign In

In this video, you will learn where to download our free Adobe Print Plugin and how to sign in. 

Note: You need to be a registered user on Gelato Globe in order to sign in to the Adobe Print Plugin. If you haven't yet received a login, please contact your account Admin. 



Create Your File and Upload It

In this video, you will learn how to create a file starting from one of the available templates and upload it on Gelato Globe using our Plugin for Adobe.

Note: When you upload the file from InDesign you can decide whether to upload both the InDesign package and PDF or the PDF only. The former option is slower (especially for larger files) but allows you to edit the file in the future directly from your Gelato library; The latter option, on the other hand, has a shorter upload time but does not allow any future edits unless you own the original InDesign file.   

Create Editable Templates 

In this video, you will learn how to create an editable business card using editable templates. The same principles can be used for any editable document you would like to create.

Note: Editable templates can be only created with Adobe InDesign.

Change and Update Your Files in the Library

In this final video, you will learn how you can change and update your files in the library using our Plugin for Adobe. This option is available only if you decided to upload both the InDesign and PDF.

Note: If you don't want to replace the existing file, please use the Upload as new option in the plugin (accessible from the 3 dots next to the Upload button). 

Don't forget to re-set the document data first!



Additional Features in the Plugin

There is one additional feature in our plugin that you may find useful:

'Color profiles':

This function opens a window with all colour profiles which are installed.

If you do not have the Gelato profile we require, you can download it from here and simply drag and drop it to the colour profile folder.


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