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Products: Wire-O Notebooks

Personalised Notebooks with your corporate branding are a great way to promote your company at events and conferences.

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Supported Notebook Formats

  • Notebooks can be ordered with Wire-O binding
  • The number of pages must be a multiple of 10, and between 30 to 150 (inclusive of front & back cover)
  • Front and back outer cover pages can be designed in any color. Depending on the notebook design, printing option for inner pages can be selected as Blank, Coloured or Black & White.   


Designing a Notebook for Gelato

Follow these steps to prepare a Notebook design file for upload to your Gelato account:

  • Start with A4/LT or A5/LG (in Portrait or Landscape) file
  • Setup footer and provide bleed and Safe area for Wire-O as explained here and here
  • Insert front & back cover design (or if you have used an existing design, convert all images for front and back cover to CMYK)
  • Provide inside pages with a coloured or black & white design, or leave them blank if intended
  • Generate print-ready PDF using Gelato print preset and upload to Library


Uploading a notebook design to your library

After upload, the first thing you will have to do is to configure the product. 


  • Select size format as Notebooks (not Brochures). The system will recognize the design size and will suggest the closes standard format: A4/LT or A5/LG in portrait or landscape orientation
  • Select Notebook page types: Full-color, blank or black & white. If your uploaded design file has full-color elements on inner pages, then those will be automatically converted to monochrome if you selected black & white option at this step
  • Inner pages paper selection available from 90, 115, 170 gsm (60, 80, 100 lb) matte only
  • 170 gsm / 100 lb matte paper is not available for selection for a notebook with more than 100 pages
  • Cover (front and back) pages paper selection available from 300 gsm matte or 350 gsm silk (130 lb cover silk or matte for US, Canada)
  • Select matte or glossy protection for cover pages. This option will be available only if the cover paper type is coated (silk)



1. Is there a Notebook template on Gelato Print Plugin?

2. Is it possible to order a notebook that has colour images (custom CMYK) in inner pages?
Yes. However, this format can be ordered as a Wire-O brochure (not Notebook). You can design your file as a Wire-O brochure using a brochure template from Gelato Print Plugin.


Typical notebook file uploaded to your Gelato account, after configuring the format & paper shows properties:



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