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Mar 2018- Lamination To Protect Your Print Material, Now Available

Gelato Globe has launched new feature of Lamination protection for Flyers, Brochure covers, and Posters

You can now avail protection of Lamination at the time of Uploading a File or by changing File properties of already uploaded files.

Please note following when selecting your Laminated print products:

  • Only cover pages (front and back) of the Brochures can be Laminated
  • Posters of the size A3 and A4 can be laminated
  • For providing Lamination, first select the 'Paper Type' that is 170 gsm / 100 lb or heavier for the Flyer or a Brochure Cover
  • Also only 'Paper Type' Silk (Coated) can be provided with Lamination as it is already coated and ready for finishing
  • Two types of Lamination are available to choose from: Glossy (reflective finish) or Matte (velvet texture)




Laminated protection for your products can help:

  • Increase strength and stiffness, providing an impression of higher quality
  • Add protection against stains, dirt, fingerprints, and other marks during shipping as well as in usage
  • Enhances colors, creating a professional look
  • Extend durability, allowing materials to withstand frequent use


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