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Adding Protection

You can add protection (or lamination) when you upload a file using our free print plugin for Adobe or by changing file properties of already uploaded files. Two types of protection are available to choose from: Glossy (reflective finish) or Matte (velvet texture)



  • Protection can be added only if paper type Silk is selected (Matte paper cannot be laminated due to its physical characteristics)
  • To ensure the best quality, protection options are available for 250 gsm / 100 lb cover or thicker Silk paper
  • Protection can be added only to cover pages (front and back) of brochures
  • Protection can be added to one side or to both sides of flyers and business cards


Adding protection to your products:

  • Increases strength and stiffness, providing an impression of higher quality
  • Adds protection against stains, dirt, fingerprints, and other marks during shipping as well as in usage
  • Enhances colors, creating a professional look
  • Extends durability, allowing materials to withstand frequent use


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