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Using Office Files to Order Prints

Using office (MS office or other office applications) files for creating content, and converting to PDFs, for ordering from Gelato Globe is not recommended, as it is not possible to directly export a valid PDF/X file using the output options within office applications such as Microsoft Word or OpenOffice.

Gelato Globe customers should experience the best of printing quality. We therefore recommend using best practices and industry norms for creating content and design files.

The Designer guidelines section and Design requirements article can help set the expectations from your design team to get first time right printing output from Gelato Globe platform.

If after all, a user wishes to order prints using simple office presentation or word files, please follow these steps to ensure the printing outcome is error-free:

  • Start office program, and then open the file that you wish to upload and order
  • Select File menu > Save As
  • Select 'Save as type' as 'PDF'
  • Before saving, click on 'Tools' button, select 'Save Options..'
  • In the 'Preserve Fidelity..' section, click to select the 'Embed Fonts in the file' checkbox, and then click OK > Save

This ensures that TrueType and OpenType fonts are embedded in the office file and are available to other users when files are shared for editing / printing


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