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Designing Roll-folded Brochures

When you start working on a brochure design file, we recommend using our free Gelato Print Plugin for Adobe as it provides templates for all the formats we support, including roll folded formats. 

The artwork should be in 6-page formats and include 4mm bleed ONLY on the sides that are NOT stitched together. When uploading the design, pages need to be arranged in sequence as pictured below. 

Roll fold format in full bleed

A roll fold brochure has six panels, each a bit smaller than the previous panel so that they all fold into each other. A sheet is folded inwards from the right and the leftmost panel is folded over the rest of the sections. A roll fold - sometimes called a barrel fold brochure - is a great design for leading readers through the information in an orderly fashion.


Note: Please note that when creating a roll fold in InDesign, the page arrangement might look different (see screenshot below). Please always follow the page order indicated above, i.e. 5, 6, 1 and 2, 3, 4.  


Please refer to this page for detailed information on our folded products.

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