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Creating A Perfect Bind Brochure - Making The Spine

Before starting on a new design, please check here all products, formats, types of binding and paper availability on Gelato Globe.

Also refer here for calculation of Spine Area based on the number of pages and paper type you want to use.

Gelato Globe currently offers 3 type of Binding* as per size format of the Brochures and depending upon the number of pages:

A4 / LT size (Portrait / Landscape):

  • 8 to 52 Pages (Saddle stitch binding)
  • 28 to 150 Pages (Wire-O)
  • 28 to 250 Pages (Perfect binding)

A5 / LG size Portrait:

  • 8 to 52 Pages (Saddle stitch binding)
  • 28 to 150 Pages (Wire-O)

A5 / LG size Landscape:

  • 28 to 150 Pages (Wire-O only)

Square Brochure:

  • 8 to 52 Pages (Saddle stitch binding)
  • 28 to 250 Pages (Perfect binding)

Please note: For Saddle stitch binding, the document file has to be prepared with number of pages multiple of 4. For Perfect binding and Wire-O the document file has to be prepared with number of pages multiple of 2


The spine area for a document design depends on:

  • Number of pages
  • Paper type (Coated / Uncoated)
  • Weight of the paper

Your cover must be a single PDF that includes the back cover, spine, and front cover as one image. Then this single image has to be placed as the first page of the full file with later pages getting added below the cover. You can setup your cover on any size page as long as the printable area is:

  • Measured exactly to your book’s trim size, spine width, and 4mm bleed
  • Centered horizontally and vertically

Minimum Cover Width (1st page in the multipage brochure PDF) = Bleed + Back Cover Trim Size + Spine Width + Front Cover Trim Size + Bleed

Example calculation for width of 210mm x 297mm cover with 60 inner pages = 4 + 210 + 3.429 + 210 + 4 = 431.429 mm

Minimum Cover Height = Bleed + Book Height Trim Size + Bleed
Example calculation for height of 210mm x 297mm document cover = 4 + 297 + 4 = 305



Gelato Print Plugin allows you to design on top of print-ready templates. You can start with templates to design your product in formats supported by Gelato Globe. Templates include bleed area, safe text area and working space. Automated ICC profile is generated when you upload design files to your Gelato Globe Library from design softwares. Multipage templates are available in Gelato Print Plugin:



* The binding options mentioned can be changed for Gelato Globe product offerings. Please refer the first ULR link mentioned at the beginning of this article for latest product offerings.

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