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How to use the "Gelato Standard" pdf export

Guidelines for preparing Files Within Gelato

Before deciding on a new design, please check first our formats here.


Design guidelines:

In general, we strongly encourage you to follow the design requirements below:

  • Files should be exported as PDF/X-4 CMYK-only, output intent set to GRACoL 2006
  • Fonts should be embedded or converted to outlines
  • We require a 4 mm bleed area to be provided (8 mm for Wire-O bound products)
  • Consider a minimum 4 mm safety area for the text and graphics to reduce cutting issues
  • Do not add crop marks, color bars, our platform takes care of this automatically (will be added with the pdf preset or once you place an order)
  • For files with more than 4 pages, please export it as separate pages, not spread


For an easier workflow, we recommend using the “Gelato Standard” PDF export preset that you can download and install in your Adobe software. 

The Preset will fix:

  • Export to PDF/X-4
  • Output intent set to GRACoL 2006
  • All Printer’s Marks (Crop, Bleed, no Color bar)
  • Embeds fonts
  • Generate single page preview PDF
  • Create High-res Print Ready PDF

The Preset does not fix:

  • Bleed if was not added to the document
  • Safe text area if it was not added to document
  • RGB Photos/Images/Graphics
  • Low-Res images (below 300 dpi)


How to export PDF using Gelato Print Preset

Paste the joboptions file in Adobe PDF folder: You can copy and paste .joboptions file under Vista and Windows 7) ProgramData\Adobe\AdobePDF, (Windows XP) Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Adobe\Adobe PDF. (Mac OS) Library/Application Support/Adobe PDF.

After pasting joboptions file in Adobe PDF folder that preset will appear in Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign when exporting PDF.

Steps to export the print PDF with Gelato Preset:

  1. Choose File > Export 
  1. Specify a name and location for the file 
  1. Select Gelato Print Preset from the Dropdown 


  1. Click on Export button


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