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Sept 2017- New Digital Asset Management (DAM) features, High-volume Ordering, and Non-standard Formats


New Digital Asset Management (DAM) Features
Create Even Greater Efficiency Gains

 Gelato DAM image
  • Keep all of your marketing assets organized in the Gelato cloud library
  • Store images, logos, html, or documents online for easy sharing
  • Manage file access and rights by user group for control
  • Images in the Gelato library are quickly accessible within editable templates
  • Contact your account administrator to activate

High-volume Ordering Now Available

Sometimes you just need a lot of prints-- but we should still be eco-friendly about it. Starting in September Gelato will offer offset printing options for larger orders to the benefit of both our customers and our local print partners.


Non-standard Formats Available By Request

Gelato is committed to supporting your full range of print needs, including promotional items, event-related signage, and giveaways. If there is a format you need which is not available on our standard product menu, please let us know, and we'll check if we can support your request.
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