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Order To Multiple Locations

Order To Multiple Locations 

If you want to order the same set of designs to multiple addresses or countries at the same time, you can create a bulk order.

If you would like to order to one location you can read more here


  • Go to the Library, and select the items you wish to order by marking the checkbox next to each file.
  • At the top right corner of the page, click on Order to multiple locations. Then click on the cart icon to see the items in cart & select Continue order.
  • Next step is to choose or add the shipping addresses to where the items shall be delivered. When ready, click Continue and then add recipients for each shipping address.
  • Proceed by clicking Continue, and then can select the quantity for each item.
  • Click Continue, and assign a billing address and cost center.
  • Review the order and double-check details and then click Place order.


Note: When you are ordering for your colleagues or team members who don't have access to Gelato Globe account, please inform them that you have placed an order and provided their details as recipient of the order. Also share the shipment tracking link with the recipient in such case, so they can track and receive shipments on time at the right address


Order Confirmation 

Once an order is completed, it will be visible under the Order tab. You will receive an order confirmation email and a text notification. All the relevant details will be available also on mobile by logging in to your account on When the package has shipped, a confirmation with a tracking link will be sent to your email and a text message will be sent to the phone number registered under the recipient.

Important Note:

Due to different paper types and format sizes in US and Canada and issues with conversions we have limited the bulk ordering process per 2 regions: US/Canada and EU/Asia-Pacific

So when a user selects the first address for the bulk order, the system will 'hide' addresses from the other regions. This is at the step of 'Shipping information' in the order checkout flow.
e.g user starts selecting addresses in Norway, we will hide US/Canada addresses, so the bulk order will be placed anywhere in EU, EU/Asia-Pacific/China.

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