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Oct 2017- Gelato File Design Standard, More Countries & Options For Shipping, Search In Local Languages

Introducing the Gelato Standard

To increase print efficiency and consistency, we have launched the Gelato Standard - a set of rules for how designers create files and how our print partners produce the materials. 

The Gelato Standard is a result of extensive research and testing carried out by our team with leaders in the graphic arts and printing industries.

The new requirements guarantee exported files are of high quality and ready to print, leading to a more consistent production worldwide of your corporate print materials.
See the updated file requirements here
Gelato Standard for designers and printers

12 new countries are now available on Gelato

We've added 12 countries to our global distribution network. Gelato users can now order print materials to 72 countries

Americas: Colombia, Mexico, Panama, Peru, Venezuela

Europe: Armenia, Belarus, Ukraine

Africa and Middle East: Egypt, Kenya, Tunisia

Asia and Oceania: Kazakhstan

Gelato presence across the world


Expanded shipping options in Asia 

We are excited to announce improvements to our distribution of printed materials in Asia.

Pallet shipping. Ensures large orders arrive in a single package to Asian countries.

Delivery Duty Paid. Enables customers to pre-pay customs fees for faster and smoother deliveries. 

The services cover deliveries to most countries in East and Southeast Asia.


Search by language to find files quicker

Gelato now automatically detects the language of the content assets stored in your account, making it easier for international teams to find the files they must edit or print. 

Try this new feature the next time you need to find your company's corporate brochure in German or the French version of your product sheet.


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