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Notifications are a way for you to stay up to date with all events connected to your Gelato Globe account. To view/change your notification settings click on the button with your initials in the top right corner, then select Account > Notifications.

The following notifications are available:

  • Order Confirmation: You will receive an order confirmation to your email address for each order placed in the account. Account admins can opt to get the these notifications every time a colleague places an order.
  • Satisfaction survey: The survey is shared when you place an order. Gelato Globe would like to know about your experience of placing the order.
  • Account Invitation: You will receive an email confirmation every time an invitation you sent has been accepted. Any pending invitations can be reviewed in the Team > Users section, where admins can also choose to resend the invitation to users.
  • Pending payments: Notifications will be sent if there are orders awaiting approval or pending payments older than 24 hours. These can also be viewed in the order history panel.
  • SMS notifications: You can choose to get notifications about your order updates and shipment tracking.
  • Gelato Newsletter: Gelato sends newsletter with product and feature updates.
  • Receive biweekly account activity emails: Email summary of activity on your Gelato Globe account.


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