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Report: Ordered files

One of the reasons to prefer Gelato to your previous print setting is the possibility to keep control of your brand, your global printing activity, as well as of the costs associated with it. For account Admins reports become an essential tool to have full visibility over this information and use it to promote Gelato within their own organisation.

Gelato offers a report functionality in your account, with several filters and customisation options. Reports are accessible via the dedicated menu (Reports) on the left-hand side.

Note: In order to see reports you need to have the permission "View reports" enabled.


Types of report

There are several types of report you can view (and export) on Gelato. You can organize the orders according to different dimensions:

  • Purchaser: The person who placed the order
  • Billing entity: The billing entity used to send the invoice for the order
  • Cost center (if in use)
  • Country: The shipping country 
  • User group: The user group who placed the order
  • Files ordered: The file name and quantities per country

Note: Please note that when viewing reports by groups, order value might be counted multiple times if a user belongs to multiple groups at the same time.


The first 5 types (purchaser, billing entity, cost center, country, and user group) can be customised by limiting the results to a specific date range, and by changing the currency for the monetary values. The values displayed are:

  • Printing value
  • Shipping
  • TAX (if applicable)
  • Total order value (= sum of the other 3)

The last report type (files ordered) on the other hand does not show any monetary value, but simply a matrix indicating the quantities ordered for each file to each country.

Note: All report types can be exported to xls or csv format for additional data analysis, or to build your own reports. 


Additional reports

Additional reports are available for your file library as well as for the users that are part of your account.

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