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Uploading a file

There are 2 ways to upload files to your Gelato account: You can either upload PDF files directly onto Gelato Globe or upload the original artwork (e.g. InDesign file) via our free Print Plugin for Adobe.

If you have Gelato DAM functionality activated and want to upload non-printable assets, you can just drag and drop them to your account or upload them using the Upload files button. These assets won't need to be configured.  

Important: To be able to upload files you need the permission Upload Files. 


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Uploading a PDF file directly onto Gelato Globe

Important: Before you upload a PDF file please be sure to read our file requirements 

  • To upload a new file as a PDF just click on the Upload files button at the top right corner of your account. Then select if you want to upload from your computer or from Dropbox. Multiple files can be uploaded at the same time.


  • If no errors are detected, the file will need to be configured (format, binding, paper type, protection, etc.) before it is print-ready. Click on Configure and go through the configuration wizard. The system will suggest matching formats based on the file dimensions as well as existing files in your account. Read more about our auto-configurator here


  • If any errors are detected by our automatic preflight error check, you will be warned and files will be marked accordingly. You can read more about the errors and how to fix them here.
  • Once done, you will be able to verify the file preview and make changes to the file configuration if needed. 


Files will automatically be added to your library and can be marked with one of these statuses: 

  • Not print ready: You need to configure the file to make it print-ready by assigning the file format/size and paper
  • Needs fixing: The file contains one or more errors that have to be fixed before you can configure the file.
  • Print-ready: After you fix any errors and configure the file, it will be marked as print-ready, meaning it's ready to be ordered
  • Image or Other: if you have DAM activated, you will be able to upload any types of files (fonts, images, videos, powerpoint etc.) and these files will be marked accordingly


Uploading via Print Plugin for Adobe

Our free print plugin for Adobe is the easiest way to create new files and upload them to your Gelato account.

The key advantages of uploading files via the plugin are:

  • You will be asked to select the file configuration (both format and paper) beforehand, hence the file will be uploaded as print-ready and no further configuration will be required after upload
  • A preflight check will be performed before the upload to ensure that your file is good to go - any errors will be flagged before the file is moved to your Gelato account
  • If you upload the file as "InDesign & PDF file", you will be able to edit the file later on if needed
  • The plugin is the only way to create and upload editable templates


Get started by watching the following video describing the end-to-end process:


To upload a file via the plugin: 

  • Download and install the plugin from here. Please note that the plugin only works with Adobe CC15 and higher.
  • Open your Adobe suite program (InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop)
  • Launch the plugin under Window > Extensions > Gelato and sign in using your Gelato account details. If you don't have Gelato login credentials, please reach out to the Gelato account admin in your organization.
  • You can prepare your file using one of the blank templates available in the plugin. If you use our templates you will be asked to select the different product options such as paperweight and number of pages - This way, the file will be uploaded directly as print-ready to your Gelato account.  
  • Once your file is ready to go, select whether your file should be uploaded as an editable template or as a static file.
  • If you are uploading an editable template, just click on the button Upload editable template. Editable templates are always uploaded as InDesign.
  • If you are uploading a static file (i.e. not an editable template), click on Upload to upload your file to Gelato Globe. In this case, you will be asked to select "InDesign & PDF file" to be able to make edits via the plugin at a later stage or "PDF file only". Then press Upload to confirm the upload of your file to Gelato Globe.

Important: If you want to update an existing file, just click on upload. On the other hand, if you wish to upload a new version, please click on the 3-dot button next to Update and select Update as new


Read more about our print plugin for Adobe here.

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