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Uploading a File

There are 2 ways to upload files to your Gelato account: You can either upload PDF files directly onto Gelato Globe or upload the original artwork (e.g. InDesign file) via our Print Plugin for Adobe.

Note: To be able to upload files you need the permission Upload Files. Please contact your account admin for more information about your permissions.

Important: Before you upload a file please be sure to read our file requirements


1. Uploading a PDF file directly onto Gelato Globe

Log in to your Gelato Globe account and click on Upload File on the top right corner. Then select if you want to upload via computer or Dropbox.

  • Upload via computer - click on Computer and select the local file you want to upload. Multiple files can be selected for uploading.
  • Upload via Dropbox - click on Dropbox and login to your Dropbox account. Once logged in you can select to upload multiple of your Dropbox files at once.

When you have selected the file/s to upload, the system will check dimensions of the file/s and automatically find matching format(s). Once finished, you will be able to verify the detected format (or change it if preferred) and also select paper type. 


Files will automatically be added to your library and can be marked with one of these statuses: 

  • Configure: A button 'Configure' shows up against the uploaded files that are NOT print-ready. Assign the file format/size and paper to these (See here to know about Paper types available and click here to know about size formats)
  • Print-ready: After the steps above, your file will be marked as print-ready, meaning it's ready to be ordered (along with assigned format name, example - Brochure)
  • Image or Other: if you have DAM activated, you will be able to upload any types of files (fonts, images, videos, powerpoint etc.) and these files will be marked accordingly. 


2. Uploading via Print Plugin for Adobe

If you haven't downloaded the plugin, download it here. Then open your file in InDesign, Illustrator or Photoshop. Open the Print Plugin under Window > Extensions > Gelato. Sign in with your account details and press Upload to upload your file to Gelato Globe.

Read more about our print plugin for Adobe here.

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