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Editable Templates

An editable template is a type of file which can be customised on Gelato by changing text or images. All our standard formats can be made editable.

Allowing materials to be editable prolongs the life and use of the file. The text and images on your design may be changed compared to a similar design file prepared and ordered by another team member or office location. Consequently, the members of your group would be able to change the text and images in the saved templates while the consistency of your brand is secured across the globe. Editable templates are a good option for designs that have changing information such as business cards or brochures. The changes can be done on desktop or mobile.


1. How to create an editable template

Editable templates can be created in Adobe InDesign only using our Gelato Print Plugin for Adobe. which can be downloaded for free.

Note: You need to have a Gelato account to login from the plugin, and upload files directly to the library of the account. 

All graphics, fonts and other elements applied in InDesign will work in the same manner as if you export a PDF. We recommend that marketing teams provide clear guidelines on image sizes for any image placeholders used and/or pre-populate a folder of available images.


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2. How to customise the template with your information

Editable templates can be customised by anyone with access to it. Select a file and then click on the Customise button: You will be prompted to input information in all the the fields that have been defined as editable. The changes will be applied on your file directly and will not impact the original template. New images can be uploaded from a computer, imported from Dropbox, or also selected from the Gelato library (if the Digital Asset Management feature is activated).





3. Reorder your customised design

If you would like to reorder the designs you have already purchased - the design is saved in your order history (select Orders from the left menu). Click on the order from the list & use the Repeat Order option.

Note: The design will be printed exactly as your previous one. If you want to make changes, you can customise it by clicking on Edit during the order checkout process. Please note that the customised file will remain in your cart until you are ready to order. You can log out safely and the cart will not be lost.

Note: It is not possible to repeat the order for a business card design from your order history if it was ordered using an original editable template file which has now been deleted from your account Library. This is to ensure brand consistency and control by your organisation account admin.


4. Change or update the editable template

If you would like to make any changes to your saved design (excluding the text that can be customised), please contact your account admin. Usually designers are able to make these changes and upload a new version of the file.

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