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Editable Templates

An editable template is a type of file which can be customized on Gelato by changing text or images. All our standard formats can be made editable.

Allowing materials to be editable prolongs the life and use of the file. The text and images on your design may be changed compared to a similar design file prepared and ordered by another team member or office location. Consequently, the members of your group would be able to change the text and images in the saved templates, while the consistency of your brand is secured across the globe. Editable templates are a good option for designs that have changing information such as business cards or brochures. The changes can be done on desktop or mobile.


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How to create an editable template

Editable templates can be created in Adobe InDesign only and only via our Gelato Print Plugin for Adobe which can be downloaded for free.

Note: You need to have an active Gelato account to be able to use the plugin, and permission Upload files activated in order to upload files directly to the library. Please reach out to your account admin to get invited. 

All graphics, fonts and other elements applied in InDesign will work in the same manner as if you export a PDF.

You can also include customizable images and QR codes as part of an editable template. More information can be found here.

The basic concept is that all the elements that you leave unlocked in InDesign will become editable fields once the file is uploaded to Gelato, while all the locked elements won't be editable. Additional information on how to improve the layout of your editable templates can be found in the related articles below.  


  • Please create separate fields if the text is using different styles (e.g. if a field is "Name Surname" this should be split into 2 separate fields "Name" and "Surname"). The two fields can be anchored
  • Think carefully about which fields you would like to leave unlocked (i.e. editable) as this will affect the user experience when customizing the template as well as the number of templates you will have to create. 


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How to customize the template with your information

Here as short video to demonstrate how to customize a Business Card

Or you can also follow the process in more detail below:

Select a file and then click on the Customise button


The editor will open and you will be able to see which fields are editable. Update accordingly (the customize text will not be saved in the template):



Click on the field you would like to edit. A tool bar will show above the field and it will give you quick access to make specific changes on the field.

Tip: You can use the remove button to take out fields that are marked as optional in your company's business card or if you simple do not require the that field. Alternatively you can just delete the text.



Once you are ready, toggle on the Print Preview to see how your card will look like printed. It is important that you verify that the card's format and the content is correct. This view shows exactly how your card will look like when you receive it.


Note: If enabled by your Admin, you will be able to download a pdf version of your customized card.

If you are ready to continue, click Save:


A version of this template will be created. This means that the customization you just finish will be saved in your account and available to order your card again without having to fill the details again!


Note: The customization will not impact the original template and will be visible only to you.

Click on Customize again to open the version you want to order and Add to Cart.




Customizing images in editable templates

Besides text, also images can be customized, e.g. if a distributor/re-seller wants to add its own logo at the end of a commercial brochure. New images can be uploaded from your computer or from your Gelato library. 


When you are customizing an image (e.g. a logo) you will be able to resize and/or rotate it to ensure this will fit in the space dedicated.


If the image is a QR code, a new window will open and you can customize the URL for the QR code image or create a brand new code by filling the information in the vCard section.


Some of the requirements for the images to have optimal print results are:

  • Supported file extensions: TIFF, EPS, PSD, AI, JPEG, PNG
  • Color profile: CMYK
  • Resolution 300 ppi or higher (specifically for TIFF and PSD files)
  • Dimensions: depending on the design itself

Although JPEG and PNG images can be used, we do not recommend these format as they would not produce an optimal print result.


Customizing multiple business cards at the same time

If you need to customize and order multiple business cards at the same time (e.g. if you are ordering on behalf of your colleagues) Gelato offers the possibility to place a bulk order for business cards. 




Note: It is not possible to repeat the order for a business card design from your order history if it was ordered using an original editable template file which has now been deleted from your account Library. This is to ensure brand consistency and control by your organisation account admin.


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