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Payment Methods (setting up)

Setting Up Payment Methods for the Account and Group: Account admins set the payment methods for the Gelato Globe account. These payment settings will then be able to be used at the "group" level of the account. Each group can have one or all payment methods made available, but we recommend having just one per group. Administrators can also use the internal payment request if they want to have full control over who orders. To set payment settings click on your profile initials at the top right corner, then select "Settings". 



Depending on which payment method(s) you select at Group level, a user will go through one of the following Checkout flows: 

1. Invoice payment: After adding items to your cart and selecting the delivery address, continue to check out. On the payment page you will select Company invoice as payment method. At the next step you will be presented with the billing entity(ies) linked to that particular group by the Admin. Users usually are presented only with the relevant information for their country or region. Select the billing entity relevant for you and proceed with the order.

The possibility to use invoice needs to firstly be activated by Gelato Globe support team, based on the contract your company has with Gelato. If you are allowed to use invoice, but can't find it under payment methods, account admin should contact support

2. Credit card: If this method is selected, the users assigned with Group having this method can add their choice of credit card in 'Account > Credit Cards' section. The available cards will then be showed for payment in order checkout flow

3. Payment Request: A "Payment Request" is a type of payment method which limits selected users from placing an order without this being approved first by another party (normally the account administrator). It is an useful option if the admin want to limit some rights for users and control costs. To activate this option, make sure only "Payment request" is selected at group level.  If you do not want other payment methods enabled, ensure that no other options are highlighted. 

Payment Request Workflow: After adding items to your cart and selecting the delivery address, continue to check out. On the payment page you will select Payment request as payment method. At the next step you will select the person(s) that will approve your order. Users will not have to select a billing entity, that will be done by the Admin when approving the order. 

  • Confirmation: An email notification will be sent to the user(s) with Approve & Pay permission - they will review and complete the payment process.  
  • Pending payments: In case of some payments are not completed, a reminder will be sent after 24 hours. We recommend to have on all notification at account level. Refer help article Pending Payments for details. You can review pending payments by selecting "Orders" from left side menu. From the filters at the top of the list, select status "Payment pending". After applying the filter, click on each order to review it and complete the payment
  • Please assign admin level user privilege to at least 2 account admins who can then approve payment requests. This way if one account Payment request approver (admin) is out of office, the user ordering from Gelato Globe will still be able to get their orders approved without delays from other admin.
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