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Payment Methods

Payment methods available

You can pay for your orders using 3 different payment methods:

1. Company invoice 

This option allows the user to choose from a pre-populated list of billing entities linked to the group(s) they belong to. Usually, users are presented only with the relevant information for their country or region. After selecting the appropriate billing entity they may be asked to select a cost center or a project code, if these options have been enabled in your account.


2. Credit card

If this method is selected, the users can either input their credit card information as part of the checkout process or pre-load their credit card from Account > Credit Cards. The available cards will then be shown for payment in the order checkout flow.


3. Payment Request

Payment Request is a type of payment method which limits selected users from placing an order without this being approved first by another party, normally the account administrator. It is a useful option if you want to limit some rights for users and control costs. 

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Setting up payment methods 

1. Payment methods setup at account level

Account admins are responsible to set the payment methods for their Gelato Globe account. To set payment settings click on your initials at the top right corner, then select Settings > Payment method. 

Note: Remember that 'Pay by invoice' has to be enabled also in our back-end systems to be available here. If this option is not visible please contact us. 



2. Payment methods setup at group level

Once enabled at account level, these payment settings will then available for use at group level. Although each group can have several payment methods enabled, we recommend having just one per group. 

Tip: You can create different user groups and assign different payment methods to each group, e.g. one group for Internal Users who can pay with Invoice and one group for External Distributors who can pay with Credit card only.   




Depending on which payment method(s) you enable at Group level, a user will see one or more of the following options during the checkout flow.


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