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Receipts & Invoices


If you paid with invoice, the receipt is an 'Order Confirmation' showing that your order has been placed. If you instead paid with credit card, a receipt is a proof of payment. Receipts are sent alongside the order confirmation email, regardless of payment method. Receipts contain a breakdown of costs and VAT (if chosen, the VAT number will be on the receipt as well).

Receipts can also be downloaded from the Gelato platform. To access receipts for past orders, select "Orders" from the left menu column, choose the order from the list, and click on the order row or the button "Details" on the far right of the order row. Within the order details page, in right top corner, click on the button for "View confirmation". This will download the receipt in a PDF format. If the payment method selected for your account is company invoice, we will send an invoice to the contact email associated with the billing entity selected for payment.




A company invoice is a payment option that may be activated for a Gelato Globe account.  To use this payment option, we require you to add one or more billing entities in your account (by expanding "Billing" tab in the left menu column, then selecting "Billing entities" and then clicking on "Add new" button in top right corner of the page. During the order flow, users will be able to select the relevant billing entity that has been pre-saved in the account) 

Each invoice has the following fields mandatory: 

  • Legal entity name
  • Address
  • Currency
  • Billing contact
  • Billing email (to which e-invoices are sent)

It is highly recommended to also add your VAT number, for correct VAT calculation. In countries where we do not have local production, having the VAT number on the invoice will set the VAT to zero. Please see the help center article on VAT for more detailed information on VAT rates.   It is important that the above information is up to date and has been verified with your finance organization to avoid delays in order processing.

Read here about the option to get 'consolidated invoice' if you don't want to manage too many order wise generated invoices.


Paying an Invoice

Gelato issues monthly invoices. By the 5th day of each month the invoices for all orders placed in the prior month are sent to the billing entity email saved in the billing address. Our standard payment terms are 30 days.

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