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Creating and Managing Folders

Creating Folders: To create a new folder, click on "Library" on the left-hand side menu.  You will then see the button to the right called "Create Folder".

When you hover over the folder, there are options displayed for actions you may want to take. It is possible to 'Move' the folder along with files inside it to other location path within the Library.


Note: Only users who have the "Manage file folders" permission active are able to create new folders. This way you can control what is saved in your library and make sure you always have the most recent versions available for your colleagues.  If you have the "Manage file folders" permission, you can only create folders that will only be visible to your group(s). For a folder to be shared with everyone in the company you should be the main system admin and have access to all groups and folders. 

Managing folders: To organize the library better you can rename or delete any folder. Deleting a folder will remove / delete the files inside it along with that folder. You can also create sub-folders, which will keep the same privacy setting as the parent folder. Multiple sub-folder structure is possible on the Gelato Globe Library for you to better organise files.

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