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Cost Centers and PO Numbers

Cost Centers

Cost Centers (or budget codes) help to track and identify orders placed. Cost centers are linked to one or several billing addresses saved in the account. The account Admin can setup cost centers in advance, so users can select those while ordering.

To add a cost center select Billing > Cost Centers from menu on left side and then click on Add new. You will be asked to input a cost center name and to link it to one or more billing entities.

Note: Cost centers can be saved as a number, text or a combination of the two, depending on your organisation.

Tip: You can create different cost centers for the different departments / functions / business units in your organisation.

Cost centers will be then selectable from a drop-down menu when a billing address is selected in the order checkout flow. Users will be presented with list of cost centers linked to the billing entities visible to the group(s) they belong to. Users also have the option to select None in the order flow if a cost center is not needed. 

Note: By default, every account comes with cost centers active. You can also decide to opt out or, alternatively choose to activate project codes (read more below).

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PO numbers (or Project Codes)

PO numbers are similar to cost centers. They are codes to help track and identify orders placed in your account. PO numbers are mostly popular in those companies that use one time codes per client or project. The main differences between cost centers and PO numbers are: 

  • PO numbers are not saved in the account
  • Users need to input the code manually during the checkout flow 
  • If activated, codes are mandatory when placing an order

Any user can add a project code during the order flow. A project code can be saved as a number, text or a combination of the two, depending on your company.

Alternatively PO numbers can be saved at billing entity level. In this case they will be automatically reported on the invoice when the user selects that specific billing entity during the checkout flow.



Note: It is not possible to have both cost centers and project codes active in your account at the same time. By default, every account comes with cost centers active. Please contact us at should you wish to switch or opt out.

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