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Creating and Joining Groups

Gelato Account Admin of your organisation can organize users into Groups. Groups can be created for different office locations, departments, regions or teams.

Groups are linked to folders and folder privacy, where you can set specific folders to only be visible for certain groups. Read more about folder privacy here.

Groups control the 'Payment method' and 'Billing Address' that is allowed for users who are member of a specific group.

Creating a group

To create a new group, select Team from the left side menu options. Click on Groups and select the 'Create group' to create a new group. If you have already invited users to your account, you can add them to the groups you have created. You can also invite them directly using the Invite button in the Users tab and assign the Group when sending the invitation to Gelato Globe. (Note: that you need to have the Manage Users permission active to create a new group and add users to it.)


Assigning payment methods and billing entities

You can also pre-select payment methods and assign a billing entity for particular groups. This can be beneficial, so that all users in this group will see only relevant payment options and billing entities when ordering. To link a billing entity with a group, please type it and choose from the saved ones. You can link as many billing entities as needed, but first they must be added in the account. Read more about how to add a billing entity here.


Joining multiple groups

Users can be a part of more than one group. In this case when users log into their account, they will be able to see all folders that are visible for the groups they are part of. A user can have only one role, regardless of how many groups he/she is in.

Viewing which group users are in 

Click on Team from the left side menu. Select Users and find your name and click on it. The next screen will show the group(s) you are in and Role assigned to you. Depending on your level of permissions, you may or may not be allowed to change your group(s).



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