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About the Gelato Print Plugin for Adobe

Gelato Print Plugin 

  • The free Gelato Print Plugin is an extension created by Gelato for Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator. It works with Adobe CC15 and CC17
  • If you want to create editable templates (e.g. business cards) these need to be uploaded via the plugin from InDesign.


Save time with Gelato Print Plugin

Key benefits

  • With the plugin, users can design directly in the formats Gelato Globe offers. The Adobe extension provides empty templates with bleed area included which allow designers to easily create their artwork in the correct dimensions.

  • Using the plugin, creatives can upload both editable templates and ready-to-print files directly to the Gelato account without saving a PDF. With editable templates, layout and graphics remain intact in the template, no matter who edits it. 

  • Files uploaded with the plugin can later be changed directly from Adobe program and the updates are made directly on the Gelato platform. 

  • Any file uploaded or exported from the print plugin, will apply the Gelato pdf preflight settings ("Gelato standard").  

Download our free Adobe plugin.

Login to the Gelato Print Plugin with the same credentials as for your Gelato Globe account. If you don't have any credentials, please ask your admin.



Once logged in, you can access the design files in the Library that has been uploaded with the plugin, and/or create new design files using the standard templates available as per Product Formats offered on Gelato Globe.


Having trouble with uploading a design? Most common hurdle the users face while uploading a design to Gelato Globe is when the artwork has not been created using one of the templates available in the extension. In this case, we recommend that you copy the artwork to one of the templates that come with the Gelato Adobe Plugin and then upload. Alternatively, you can convert your file to PDF and upload it from your computer local drive or Dropbox as explained here.

If your problem is still not solved, contact our Customer Service team on and we are happy to help.

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