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Upload from Layers

This is a step by step guide on how to upload from layers with the Gelato Print Plugin. When uploading from layers, each marked layer will create a new pdf on the Gelato platform once uploaded. This is a good and efficient way to upload files with different languages.  

1. Start with opening up the Gelato Print Plugin and create a new template


2. Open the layer tab under Window → Layers 


3. Start designing your file


4. Create a separate layer group for the text and a separate one for all graphic elements


5. Create a separate layer group for each language


6. In order to upload the document to Gelato with separate languages you should rename all text layer groups by adding the “*” character in the beginning of the name. While doing this, please do not lock layers. Locking layers may cause this file uploading to fail.


7. Then go to the Gelato Print Plugin, and click on the small hamburger (three dots) menu button on the right of the 'Upload' button. Gelato Plugin identifies the layers from names & makes the content into different files.


8. Select the 'Upload from layers' option


9. Select the layers you would like to have uploaded as separate pdfs and click on 'Upload


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