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How Gelato Digital Asset Management (DAM) works

Gelato's DAM solution and benefits 

Brand control - One source for marketing materials. Enforce your brand guidelines to ensure a globally consistent look and feel.

  • Lock down design layouts easily and control which parts are editable
  • Give users the freedom to customize, update, or re-use designs in a controlled manner*
  • Prevent marketing mistakes with an optional final approval requirement
  • See which documents were printed and by whom with detailed reporting
  • Control who has access or capabilities to create, edit, or download files 

Powering productivity 

  • Stop hassling your marketing agencies for small changes*
  • Avoid spending time and energy on content re-creation
  • Create a central library where everyone can find what they need quickly
  • Save on preparation time and administrative work
  • Edit files online without additional software or licenses*

* feature of Editable Templates


Features for different teams
For Global Marketing
  • One source for marketing material
  • Control permissions by creating groups and roles
  • Control who prints what, when and where 
  • Find any file based on language, format, or keyword
  • Advanced reporting tool with complete visibility on usage and costs
For Designers
  • Design on print-ready templates
  • Create templates and upload files directly with our
  • Adobe Print Plugin
  • Simplified workflows to manage revisions
  • Unbreakable templates to ensure brand compliance
For Sales and Channels
  • Immediate access to new designs simultaneously
  • Customized materials for your market or promotion
  • On-demand ordering with local printing
  • Editable text and images fields for refreshing product information, prices or contact details
  • View, edit, download, or print files using your tablet or phone
  • Avoid storage and outdated materials


What file formats are supported?

  • If DAM is not enabled: Only PDF print files are supported for storage and printing. 

  • If DAM is enabled: The DAM-enabled Gelato library supports storage of all file types. Image files (jpg, png, tiff) can be previewed. For best quality, only PDF files are supported for printing.


What is the maximum file size for files uploaded on DAM-enabled libraries?

  • Editable templates are limited to <500 MB
  • All other files have no file limit
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