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How Digital Asset Management (DAM) works

Gelato's DAM solution and benefits 

Brand control - One source for marketing materials. Enforce your brand guidelines to ensure a globally consistent look and feel.

  • Lock down design layouts easily and control which parts are editable
  • Give users the freedom to customize, update, or re-use designs in a controlled manner*
  • Prevent marketing mistakes with an optional final approval requirement
  • See which documents were printed and by whom with detailed reporting
  • Control who has access or capabilities to create, edit, or download files 

Powering productivity 

  • Stop hassling your marketing agencies for small changes*
  • Avoid spending time and energy on content re-creation
  • Create a central library where everyone can find what they need quickly
  • Save on preparation time and administrative work
  • Edit files online without additional software or licenses*

* feature of Editable Templates


Features for different teams
For Global Marketing
  • One source for marketing material
  • Control permissions by creating groups and roles
  • Control who prints what, when and where 
  • Find any file based on language, format, or keyword
  • Advanced reporting tool with complete visibility on usage and costs
For Designers
  • Design on print-ready templates
  • Create templates and upload files directly with our
  • Adobe Print Plugin
  • Simplified workflows to manage revisions
  • Unbreakable templates to ensure brand compliance
For Sales and Channels
  • Immediate access to new designs simultaneously
  • Customized materials for your market or promotion
  • On-demand ordering with local printing
  • Editable text and images fields for refreshing product information, prices or contact details
  • View, edit, download, or print files using your tablet or phone
  • Avoid storage and outdated materials


What file formats are supported?

  • PDF print files are supported if DAM is not enabled

  • The DAM-enabled Gelato library supports all file types


What is the maximum file size for files uploaded on DAM-enabled libraries?

  • Editable templates are limited to <500 MB
  • All other files have no file limit
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