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Getting Started Guide (Designer)

Here you will see information about product offerings, uploading design files and correct methods to be followed for ensuring error free printing. For information on exploring your Gelato Globe account when you first log in, please see here.


This guide we will take you through what you need to know when designing files for Gelato. When you've completed this guide you will know what's needed to start preparing your files for Gelato Globe.

Step 1 - Introduction and What You Need To Know Before You Get Started

In this first step we will go through what you need to know before you get started with the Adobe Print Plugin regarding: 

1.1 Formats we offer

1.2 File Requirements


1.1 Formats we offer

You can find all the formats we offer on our Products page.


In Europe we follow the A-series system while US and Canada follows an inch based system. Countries such as Australia uses a mix of both.



We support the major standard formats for business cards.



For large posters products we offer A0, A1, A2, B1 and B2.



We support the standard product formats (with creased folding for thicker card paper). Click on 'Products and prices' in left side bottom options in your Gelato Globe account to see our wide offering of print products.



Tri-folded formats are supported for C-folded DL and 3 panel A4 roll fold.



There is a broad range of binding options for multi-page products (multiple sheets combined) where we support the three most common ones.




1.2 File Requirements


For Gelato to offer consistent quality we have identified a group of print machine settings which we are rolling out to all our print partners - we call it the "Gelato standard" On a regular basis, the print houses calibrate their machines with these Gelato settings. Furthermore, for our platform to make the smallest amount of color transformations and secure your file is printed as intended, we require that you follow the below design requirements.



  • Visit our file requirements page
    • Before deciding a new design, please check the formats we carry. 
    • Files should be exported as PDF/X-4 CMYK-only, output intent set to GRACoL 2006
    • Fonts should be embedded or converted to outlines
    • We require a 4 mm bleed area to be provided (8 mm for Wire-O bound products)
    • Consider a minimum 4 mm safety area for the text and graphics to reduce cutting issues
    • Do not add crop marks, color bars, etc. our platform takes care of this automatically

    • All the above is incorporated in the “Gelato Standard” PDF export preset that you can download and install.

  •  If you use rich black: preferred mixture 60 60 60 100 – total 280 (for large elements and texts)


Gelato printers always strive to produce 100% accurate products. However, as with any mechanical process there are tolerances that should be taken into account.

Trim: the final size of the printed products is referred to as the trim size.

Bleed: this is the area outside of the trim line that will get cut off. Even though it ultimately gets removed it’s still important for the production of your product.

Safe Zone: this is the area between the trim line and safe zone line where any text, important parts of photos, logos and other critical parts of your design should be kept outside. 


Step 2 - Adobe Print Plugin: Download and Sign In

 In this video you will learn where to download our free Adobe Print Plugin and how to sign in. 

Please note that you need to be a registered user on Gelato Globe in order to sign in to the Adobe Print Plugin. If you haven't yet received a login, please contact your company's Admin. 


Step 3 - Adobe Print Plugin: Create Your File and Upload It

In this video you will learn how to create a file and upload it on Gelato Globe.

Step 4 - Adobe Print Plugin: Create an Editable Business Card 

In this video you will learn how to create an editable business card (editable template). In this video we create an editable business card, but the principles are the same for any editable template you would like to create.

Step 5 - Adobe Print Plugin: Change and Update Your Files In the Library

In this final video you will learn how you can change and update your files in the library in InDesign.


Done - good job! If you have any questions or feedback, please contact us at

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