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Getting Started Guide (Designer)

Welcome to Gelato!

In this page, you will find information about the formats we support, our design requirements, and the tools we provide to streamline the file creation and upload process.

We will cover the following steps:

1. Supported Formats

2. File Requirements

3. Gelato Print Plugin for Adobe

4. "Gelato Standard" PDF Export Preset 


1. Supported formats

You can find all the formats that we currently offer on our Products and prices page.

Note: You have to be a registered Gelato user to be able to see the Product and prices page. If you haven't yet received a login invite, please contact your Admin. 

In general, we support a broad range of products, with several paper types and weight:

  • Our product range includes: Business cards, posters, brochures, invitation cards, letterheads, roll-ups, notebooks, flyers, folders and table calendars 
  • We support the major standard formats in Europe (A-series system) and US and Canada (inch-based system)
  • We support the major standard formats for business cards
  • For large poster products, we offer A0, A1, A2, B1 and B2
  • Tri-folded formats are supported for C-folded DL and 3 panel A4 roll fold
  • There is a broad range of binding options for multi-page products (multiple sheets combined) where we support the three most common ones: Saddle-stitched, perfect bind and wire-o

Note: We constantly update our product range. If you don't find a format that you wish to print please contact us. 



2. File requirements

For Gelato to offer a consistent quality we have identified a group of print machine settings which we are rolling out to all our print partners - we call it the "Gelato standard". On a regular basis, our print partners calibrate their machines with these Gelato settings. Furthermore, for our platform to make the smallest amount of colour transformations and secure your file is printed as intended, we require that you follow the below design requirements.




  • Files should be exported as PDF/X-4 using CMYK-only, output intent set to GRACoL 2006
  • Fonts should be embedded or converted to outlines
  • We require a 4 mm bleed area to be provided (8 mm on the binding side for Wire-O bound products)
  • We require a minimum 4 mm safety area for the text and graphics to prevent cutting errors (8 mm on the binding side for Wire-O bound products)
  • Do not add crop marks, colour bars, etc. for our platform takes care of this automatically
  • For files with more than 4 pages, please export it as separate pages, not spread
  • Images should have a resolution of at least 300 dpi
  • Black and Grey tones: We recommend using solid colours (one channel colour, e.g. C0 M0 Y0 K70)
  • We recommend flattening all transparencies in the print ready file
  • Rich black: Preferred mixture 60 60 60 100 – total 280 for large elements and texts

Although these requirements may sound overwhelming, Gelato has created different ways to simplify the file design process for you and automate many of these requirements.


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3. Gelato Print Plugin for Adobe

The Gelato Print Plugin for Adobe is a free plugin created by Gelato to simplify the file design and upload process so that as a designer you don't have to worry about many of the file requirements mentioned above and you can just focus on creating the best documents for your company. 

Note: Please note that you need to be a registered user on Gelato in order to be able to use the Adobe Print Plugin. If you haven't yet received a login invite, please contact your company's Admin. 


You can download the Gelato Print Plugin for Adobe from here for free.



Main benefits

  • You can design directly in the formats we offer, without worries about bleed or document dimensions. The Adobe extension provides empty templates with the bleed area included which allow designers to easily create their artwork in the correct dimensions.

  • Using the plugin, creatives can upload both editable templates and ready-to-print files directly to the Gelato account without saving as PDF. With editable templates, layout and graphics remain intact in the template, no matter who edits it. 

  • Files uploaded with the plugin can later be changed directly from Adobe programs and the updates are mirrored on the Gelato platform. 

  • Any file uploaded or exported from the print plugin, will apply the Gelato PDF preflight settings ("Gelato standard").  


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4. Gelato Standard PDF Export Preset

We generally recommend creating the files using our Gelato Print Plugin for Adobe. However, there are a few cases in which you might not be able to use the plugin, e.g. if you are using an unsupported version of the Adobe suite, or if as a designer you don't have access to a Gelato account.

In these cases, you can download and install in your Adobe software our “Gelato Standard” PDF export preset, which will allow you to export your design files as a PDF and to later upload them to Gelato (or send them to the admin who will do the upload for you). 

In order to download and install the preset on your computer, please go here.

The preset will fix:

  • Export to PDF/X-4
  • Output intent set to GRACoL 2006
  • All printer’s marks (Crop, Bleed, no Color bar)
  • Embeds fonts
  • Generate single page preview PDF
  • Create a High-res Print Ready PDF

The preset does not fix:

  • Bleed if was not added to the document
  • Safe text area if it was not added to the document
  • RGB Photos/Images/Graphics
  • Low-Res images (below 300 dpi)


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Done - good job! If you have any questions or feedback, please contact us at



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