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Getting Started Guide (Admin)

Gelato Globe gets done Local Printing for Global Brands, and the control over printing orders & spending, squarely lies in the hands of the account admin.

In this guide we will take you through the seven steps for you to get started with Gelato Globe and set up your account for your company

Step 1 - Desired outcome for using Gelato

As a first step we recommend to think through how you and your company would like to work with printing using Gelato Globe. The system is flexible in its setup, so take the chance to create the processes and way of working you would like to have, instead of only mirroring old processes. For example: who orders print today? who should order print in the future? How are files shared within your organization and how integrated is your design process with Gelato's Digital Asset Management functionality?

Step 2 - Set up your library

Once logged in, you will come in to the Library of Gelato Globe account. You can also find the "Library" in the menu on left side of the page. Start with "Create folder" and prepare a folder structure that will make it easy for everyone to find what the design files they need.


Something else to consider when creating the folder structure is the possibility to make selected folders visible to selected groups (see more about groups in Step 4). One example is a setup where you have multiple offices/countries, which use different type of materials. In that case it could be handy to create one group per location/country and only allow them to see the folders that are relevant for them. If you want to check and see how the library looks like for a given group, you can select filter dropdown next to "Visible to" at the top of library folders

Step 3 - Upload files

When you have your folder structure in place you can start uploading files to the platform. You can upload files in two ways, either on the platform or via our Gelato Print Plugin. It is important that the files you upload for print are designed in accordance with our File requirements. Also Here you can find a guide for designing files for Gelato.

Step 4 - Set up addresses

You will find Addresses under "Shipping" in the menu on left side. In this section you can populate shipping addresses, recipients,. To setup the billing entities to which the orders will be billed and invoices will be shared, go to "Billing" tab on left of the page. Here setup your finance offices or head quarters as billing entities and add Cost centers specific to project expenses. It is recommended to add the most common shipping addresses, to make it easy in the order process for your organization. It is however possible for users to add shipping addresses in the checkout as well. It is important to verify the billing addresses and entity details with your finance department. If you want to use cost centers you can add them and attach them to a billing address. It is also possible to use project codes, and if you prefer to use that instead, please contact support and they will assist you.

Step 5 - Set up your team

You can invite users and assign permissions to them under "Team" tab in the menu on left of the page. Refer this Help section to understand details.

  • Assigning Roles: Click on "Roles" under 'Team'. Start with checking the permissions given to roles and add more Roles or change the permissions if needed to suit your required setup
  • Creating User Groups: When done with the roles you can add the "Groups" under 'Team'. Important to know is that everyone who is part of the Main group can use all available payment methods on the account. Creating groups is a way of limiting the Payment methods for certain groups.
    • A common use case is that some groups are allowed to pay with invoice, and some only with payment request. If invoice is allowed, you should add the billing address to the group.
    • Also Users who are members of a specific group can be allowed access to Library folders relevant for them using 'Folder Privacy'


Step 6 - Settings

"Settings" for the account are shown when you click on button with your initials in the top right corner of the page once logged in to Gelato Globe.

Here you can set different rules:

The possibility to use invoice needs to firstly be activated by Gelato Globe support team, based on the contract your company has with Gelato. If you are allowed to use invoice, but can't find it under payment methods, please contact support.

  • Simplified business card ordering using link - The simple business card ordering flow is a simple solution that enables all users in a company to order business cards, over desktop or any mobile device. For ease of access, the solution does not require users to sign up. This link can be made public for all your colleagues and shared on your intranet or any other internal communication channels. 
  • Branded store - Gelato Globe customers have the ability to set up a "branded store" interface for their Gelato Account. To request a branded store, please contact and the Customer Service team will activate your settings.

Step 7 - Invite your team

When your account is set up it is time to invite your team to the platform. You can invite them under Team -> Users -> Invite user. You can invite new users in two ways, either via e-mail or by sharing a link. It is recommended to invite via e-mail because then you will be able to assign Role and Groups to the new users. In the case of sharing the link it is only possible to assign a Role. Sharing a link is however handy when inviting a lot of people at the same time by adding the link on intranet for example.

Vice versa, a user may also Request Access to your organisation's account by going to Create Account link. Account Admin will get an email as explained here. Admin can opt out of such emails going into 'Account > Notifications' from top right corner of the page. Admin will still see these requests in 'Approvals > Access Requests' in left Menu options.


Done! Now you are set up for success! If you have feedback or need assistance, you can contact us at 

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