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Getting Started Guide (Admin)

Welcome to Gelato!

Gelato enables local printing for global companies and control over their brand and costs. In this guide, we will take you through the steps for you to set up your Gelato Globe account. The main areas we are covering:

1. Setting up your team

2. Setting up billing and shipping information

3. Setting up your library structure and upload files

4. Configuring other settings that enable brand control

5. Inviting users


1. Setting up  your team

Customising Roles and Permissions (Access Control)

As an Admin you can define Roles to allocate different permissions for the users of the account (Team > Roles). When you add a new Role you can select a custom name as well as what permissions it shall have.

Note: Basic plans allow two standard roles only, Admin and Regular User with predefined permissions which can be customised per your need. However you won't be able to change the name of these roles or to add more roles. If you need additional roles please upgrade your subscription.

The permissions you can set for a role are the following:

  • Manage users - to have full control for managing users, create roles and groups, and edit permissions and user details. Note: This is a default permission for account admins.
  • Manage file folders - to create, remove or rename folders, and set folder privacy (i.e. make folders public or visible only to specific groups).
  • Upload files - to upload new files, edit file properties (format, paper type, protection), and download existing files. Note: This permission must be enabled in order to use the Adobe Plugin to upload files.
  • Order prints - to place a new order, or reorder.
  • Approve & pay - to receive and approve payment requests from other users. Note: This permission requires the permission Order prints enabled.
  • See payment methods - to view and select from all available payment methods at account level, regardless of the payment methods enabled at group level. Note: This permission is often needed when setting up payment approval process. 
  • Manage billing entities - to add new billing entities (and edit existing ones), including invoice recipient name and email to which Gelato will send invoices. Note: This is relevant only when orders are placed using invoice as a payment method.
  • Manage shipping addresses - to add, edit and remove company shipping addresses. Note: If this is disabled users will still be able to view company shipping addresses, but will be able to add, edit and remove only personal shipping addresses.
  • View Reports - to view detailed reports on ordered files.


Creating Groups (Global Account Structure)

As an Admin you can organise users into Groups for different office locations, departments, regions or teams. Groups are linked to folder privacy - i.e. you can set specific folders to only be visible for certain groups - and determine the visibility over specific billing entities and payment methods.

Your Gelato Globe account comes with a Default group.

Note: Important to know is that everyone who is part of the default group can see and use all available payment methods on the account and has access to all files.

Tip: We recommend to have only the account Admins as part of the Default group (unless you have a Basic subscription).


You can also define payment methods and link specific billing entities to each group, so that all users in this group will see only relevant payment options and billing entities when ordering. The available payment methods are: Credit card, Invoice and Payment request. Payment methods must first be activate at account level (Your initials > Settings > Payment method).

Note: If you don't link at least one billing entity to a group, all the users in that group will be able to see all the billing entities for the account. The same applies to payment methods: If no payment method is selected for a group, all the users in that group will be able to select any payment method from the ones activated at account level.

Users can be part of more than one group. In this case, when users log in, they will be able to see all folders that are visible to the groups they are part of, and to pay selecting a billing entity from all the billing entities connected to the groups they are part of. A user can have only one role, regardless of how many groups he/she is in.

Note: Basic plans allow for 1 group only, the Default group. In this case all users are part of the same group, and they can see all billing entities and files in the account. 

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2. Setting up shipping and billing information


You can add and edit addresses under Shipping in the menu on the left side. In this section, you can populate company addresses, personal addresses, as well as company and personal recipients.

Tip: We recommended that you preload the most common shipping addresses, to simplify the ordering process for your organisation. We can support with this, if required. However it is also possible for users to add a shipping address during the checkout process.

Note: For privacy reasons, users will only see Personal recipients, Personal addresses and Company addresses, but not Company recipients. Also, Personal recipients and Personal addresses are only visible to the user who created them.

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Regardless of the payment method selected, it is mandatory to link at least one billing entity to your account (Billing > Billing entities in the left menu). You can have one or several billing entities and it is highly important to populate with correct information such as your legal entity name, VAT (where applicable) and email of the accounting department who will process the invoices. This is particularly important if your company uses Invoice as the main payment method and you want to ensure that all invoices are paid on time. You will receive all invoices on a monthly basis. 

It is also possible to associate Cost centers to a billing entity, relevant for your company if you want to control costs separately. In the order flow, a user can select their cost center, for more accurate cost allocation. As an alternative to Cost Centers, you can also activate Project codes

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3. Setup your library structure and upload files

Once logged in, you will see you Admin Dashboard, giving you an overview of orders, files, users, as well as product announcements and news from Gelato.


The Library overview gives you access to all the files stored in your account, typically organised in folders. By clicking Create folder you can prepare a folder structure to make it easy for everyone to find the design files they need. When you create a new folder, you can define the visibility options for that folder, making it visible to all users or only to selected groups.

Note: Remember that visibility can be set only for the parent folders. Any sub-folder will automatically inherit the visibility settings of the parent. In order to edit folder privacy you will need Global Account Structure, not included in Basic subscriptions.

Once your folder structure is in place you can start uploading files to the platform. You can upload files in two ways: Either using the Upload files button, or via our Gelato Print Plugin for Adobe. It is important that the files you upload for print are designed in accordance with our File requirements.

Tip: Before setting up your library we recommend that your designers attend our design training and that you let us perform a file check for you. Please contact your Implementation Specialist for more information.

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4. Other settings

From Your initials > Account > Settings you can set additional settings for your Gelato account:

  • Payment methods - select which payment methods should be enabled for the account
  • Paper type rules - preselect the paper type for a specific product category
  • Quantity rules - set quantity rules for selected products and formats
  • Shipping rules - set restrictions on the types of shipping methods that users can select
  • Company contacts - list the contacts that will be shown as company contacts to all your Gelato users in the Contact Us section
  • Branded store - customise the portal with your company logo and have background image for a custom sign in URL (Additional feature – Please contact your Account Manager)
  • Easy access business cards - activate a simple order flow for employees who need only business cards (Additional feature – Please contact your Account Manager


5. Invite your team

When all the above activities are completed, it is time for you to invite the rest of your team/organisation to the platform. You can invite them under Team > Users > Invite user in two ways, either via email (recommended) or by sharing a link. When inviting you will pre-assign one Role, and one or several Group. 



If you invite a new user using a link you will be able to select the role and the group(s) he/she belongs to. A unique URL will be generated and you will be able to share it, e.g. on your Intranet. We are happy to support you to draft your internal communication.  

Tip: We recommend to use this method if you want to invite all users with the same group and role, e.g. if you have a Basic subscription with a Default group and Regular Users only. 


When inviting users via email, the advantage is that you can also customise the text that will be sent out and control who will receive the invite to join, by selecting a restricted mailing list. 

Tip: We always recommend this method since it gives you higher control.




If a user that hasn't been invited attempts to create a new account on the Gelato sign-up page, this action will trigger an email to all the Admins in your organisation. It will be up to you if you want to allow them access to the account or not. 

This feature helps avoid the creation of a user's own Gelato account, outside of your company's account (which would have been without any files or payment setup). The admins will also see these requests in the Approvals menu on the left hand side.

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Done! Now you are set up for success! If you have feedback or need assistance, you can contact us at 

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