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Import Customs & Duties

For destinations where we do not have local production, we produce in several regional hubs and ship from these locations to other countries in the region. Depending on the destination country of your order, customs duty, and tax fees may be assessed upon importation. Our shipping charges are only for the cost of carriage and do not include these additional charges. Please contact us for further information and we can guide you towards the carrier and the customs authority in your country if needed.

The value of goods imported will be accurately represented in our commercial invoices for customs purposes. Our process for declaring order value at customs is automated and we don't have a way to change the order value. This also ensures that we always keep our legal obligation to provide accurate information to our customers and other stakeholders. 

Goods shipped outside of the United States or European Union will be described as printed materials. Combined import duty and tax are typically 5-20% of the total order value. In some specific cases, an additional brokerage fee may be assessed by the carrier.  We have retrieved these tariffs for you as an indication:

If the delivery of an order placed on is refused, you will be responsible for the original shipping charges, as well as any import duty, tax, and brokerage fees that may be assessed. Gelato makes every effort to minimize the possible burden of these additional charges.

Delivery Duty Paid (DDP) Shipping

For some locations, Gelato offers "delivery duty paid" options (the ability to prepay customs & duties fees for accelerated customs clearance). For these locations, DDP is included in the shipping rate and no other shipping option is available at this time. 




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