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Getting Started Guide (New User)

Welcome to Gelato!

In this guide we will take you through the simple steps to get started and setup your Gelato account for ordering prints.

We will cover the following steps:

1. Sign-up & Login

2. Account Settings & Team Structure

3. Dashboard, Library & Files

4. Placing an order

5. More information


1. Sign-up & Login

In order to sign-up you have to accept the invite e-mail or click on the sign-up link you have received from your account Admin. If you haven't received an e-mail or link, please contact your account Admin. At sign-up you will be asked to input your full name and phone number, as well as to accept the Terms and conditions.


Note: Please do not create a login on your own, outside of your company account. Your organisation account has shared accesses and assets, and those can only be provided by the account Admin.

When you are signed up, you can log in to Gelato using this link, or by going to and click on Login on the top right corner.


2. Account Settings & Team Structure

Clicking on the button with your initials, in top right corner of the page will take you to your account details page. You can change your displayed name and phone number here, if needed. However the email address linked to your account cannot be changed: If a change/update of email is needed, your account Admin will need to invite the user again with the new email address. 


Your account Admin assigned to you a Role with a set of permissions. Your role and permissions are listed in the welcome email you received after accepting the invitation.

Your admin also assigned you to one or several user Groups which define the specific folders in the library that you will be able to see, as well as the ability to order files using specific payment methods and billing entities.

Note: Please contact your account Admin if you wish to know more about your current role and group, and/or to ask for a change in the role or group membership.

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3. Dashboard, Library & Files

The User Dashboard is the new landing page for your Gelato account. It gives you insightful information about orders, files, as well as announcements and product news from Gelato, all at a glance with a very simple interface. 


By clicking on Library in the menu on the left side, you will be able to see all the print-ready files in your account (ordered in folders). Your account Admin has prepared the assets in the library for you to choose from. You will be able to see only specific file folders depending on the group you belong to. Please contact you account Admin for more information.


Note: If your Admin has given you the rights to upload files, you can upload your own design files to the library.

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4. Placing an Order

Single location ordering

Please refer to this video if you want to know what are the steps to place your first order on Gelato!


The main steps are:

1. Login to your Gelato account

2. Select the file(s) you wish to print and add them to the cart

3. When you are ready to checkout click on the cart, select the country you wish to ship to and the quantities - The price will be updated accordingly.

4. Select the shipping address from a list pre-loaded on your account by your Admin, or add a new address, if needed.

Note: Please make sure that the information is accurate to ensure a timely delivery.

5. Select the recipient from a list pre-loaded on your account by your Admin, or add a new one, if needed. This should include both full name and phone number (preferably mobile to receive order tracking information).

6. Select the shipping method among the ones available. An estimated delivery date is displayed. 

Note: Please be aware that some shipping methods may not be available for all countries.

7. Select the payment method among the ones available. The available options are defined - depending on the user group you belong to - by your account Admin. If 'Company invoice' is available and selected, you will be asked to choose among a list of billing entities defined by your admin. As an additional step you may be asked to select a cost center linked to the selected billing entity or to enter a PO number. 

Note: For more information about payment methods available for your group, cost centers and PO numbers, please contact your account Admin.

8. Review you order confirmation page and perform any file edit before confirming the order. Once the order is confirmed you will get an order ID and decide to send a tracking link SMS to the recipient. Your orders will always appear in your order history (Orders menu on the left of your Gelato library).

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Multiple locations orders

If you want to order the same set of designs to multiple addresses or countries at the same time, you can create a bulk order. The process is shown in the following video:

Note: We recommend to select no more than 10 different files at the same time in order not to excessively slow down the process.

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Editable Business Card Ordering

If your account Admin has uploaded editable templates for business cards to your library and you want to order them, please watch the following video.

In some cases you may need to order several business cards as part of the same order using the same template, e.g. if you are placing the order on behalf of a group of colleagues in your office.

Gelato offers the possibility to place a bulk order for business cards. You can input data for multiple employees using a table interface based on your template or through an Excel template. The cards can be then previewed and added to the cart to finalise the order.



5. More Information

Contact Us

Should you wish to contact your account designated contacts or Gelato Customer Support, you will find this information by clicking on Contact us at the bottom left of the page. You can also live chat with us using the round icon at the bottom right of the page.

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Products and prices

If you wish to know whether a specific product category, format, paper type, or combination of these is available in a specific country, together with its price and estimated delivery date, please click on Products and prices at the bottom left of the page.

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