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Getting Started Guide (New User)

In this guide we will take you through how to get started and setup your account for ordering prints.

Sign up and log in

Firstly, sign up from the Gelato invite e-mail you have received from your admin. If you haven't received an e-mail, please contact your admin and request for an invitation email or link. Do not create a log in on your own, outside of your company group account. Your organisation account has shared accesses & assets, those can only be provided by the admin of the account.

When you are signed up you can log in here to Gelato.


Your account page, and team members

  • Clicking on button with your initials, in top right corner of the page will take you to your account details. The account email login can not be changed (admin can invite a user using a new email id). Change your displayed name and phone number here if needed
  • Expanding "Team" then clicking on "Users" from menu on the left of the page displays the list of team members in the account. Role and Groups assigned to each member are shown here
  • The Role & Group membership define access of users to File Folders in the Library and ability to order those files for shipping locations using specific payment methods and billing entities
  • Users can contact their account admin if they wish to ask for a correction / change in the Roles or Group memberships. Click on 'Contact us' at the bottom left

Getting-started-user2.jpg Getting-started-user1.jpg

Explore the Library, choose or upload files you wish to order prints for

Once you log in to your Gelato Globe account, the Library page is shown. Your account admin has prepared the assets in the library for you to choose from.

  • If you want to order business cards from the available editable templates in library, refer this Help article
  • To order prints of your own design files, upload the files to the library, to learn how, see here

Processing an Order

  • Shipping address, Order Recipient and Billing Entity are required for placing an order. These details can be added using menu options available on the left of the page or during the order checkout process. Know more here
  • Payment methods are assigned by account Admin for the Groups. Based on their Groups, Users have to select from available payment methods during order checkout. More information here
  • Order history of a user is shown by clicking on "Orders" in the left menu
  • Links to 'Products and prices', 'File requirements', 'Adobe Extension', 'Delivery countries', and 'Help center' provided at the bottom left of the page lead to useful information to help users order more using their Gelato Globe account
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