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Understanding Tax on Gelato Globe invoices

A complete section explaining VAT charges for orders on Gelato is available in the Help topics on left of this page.

About Tax on Gelato Globe

Gelato is legally obligated to pay VAT and sales taxes on some customer orders.  Gelato ASA is a Norwegian entity engaged in sales of printed materials to business customers located in multiple jurisdictions across the EU and non-EU. The Gelato Group also has local legal entities in China, India, Russia, Brazil, Japan and Chile. VAT regulation in the different jurisdictions are complex.  If you are uncertain about the tax treatment in your jurisdiction, please also contact your Finance department.

Whether or not tax is due depends on the item purchased, the shipping destination, the buyer's location, the production (printing) location and the actual tax rate determined by the applicable state/country and/or local tax rates. Gelato uses the billing address and shipping address you used for your order to determine the applicable tax. If you are in a jurisdiction where tax is due you will see the tax as a line item on your invoices and receipts.

How do I see what tax I will be charged if I place a Gelato Globe order? Taxes are calculated in the website checkout process. You do not need to complete the purchase to be able to see the applicable tax rate.

VAT on Gelato orders in the EU VAT area

Gelato is legally obligated to pay value-added tax (VAT) on customer transactions. To determine the applicable tax rate, we use the shipment destination country you have entered in the shipment address in combination with the production (printing) location. In most cases, this means that the VAT rate applied will be that of the shipment destination country, since shipment destination country and production country are normally the same. If you are within a country where tax is due, you will see the VAT in the website checkout and as a line item on your billing invoices and receipts.

Other info about VAT in the EU VAT area:

If your business should not be charged VAT, you can add your VAT ID to your billing address in Gelato Globe. With your VAT ID, we can identify your order as a business-to-business transaction and depending on whether applicable, we will not charge VAT. Zero-rated VAT generally occurs when a country has an extended reverse charge mechanism or if the purchase is an intra-community sale. You should normally be able to reclaim VAT payments from your tax authorities.

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