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Sharing Files

Sharing files from the library is a feature that will allow you to quickly notify other users or share a new or updated file, for your colleagues to view and order. It is possible to share files with Gelato users or with external people who are not part of your Gelato account.

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Sharing files with Gelato users 

1. Select the file(s) you want to share, then click on Share at the top-right corner. Alternatively, select Share from menu options when you hover over a file. You can also click on the file to open the detailed view and click on the share icon, then select Invite by email.



2. You can share the file(s) with individual users who are part of the account or with entire groups. As an option, you can send a customised message. Once you are done, just click on Share files and your colleagues will receive an email with a link directly to the files in the library. 



Sharing files with external people

Important: In order to share files with external people (i.e. non-Gelato users) you will need to have the permission Upload files activated.

1. In order to share a file with external people, click on the file(s) you want to share to open the detail window, then click on the share icon at the top-right and choose Share link.


2. The system will generate a link that will be active for a limited amount of time (for security reasons). You can copy the link using the dedicated button and share it with external people.


3. When they click on the link, the external users will be able to preview the file and download it but won't have access to the rest of your Gelato library.



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