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How To Anchor Objects

Anchored objects are items, such as images or text boxes, that are attached - or anchored - to specific text. The anchored object travels with the text containing the anchor as the text reflows. Use anchored objects for all objects that you want to associate with a particular (fixed) line or block of text.

Example is an editable business card template, wherein the name.lastname in an e-mail address is required to be editable and attached to a locked end part of the email address (@ domain name of website).

Here follows a guide on how to create anchored objects in Indesign on your editable templates.

1. Create two text frames

2. Input text into text frame #1 and #2

3. Apply ‘Fit Frame to Content’ to both text frames

4. Assign Auto-size "width only" to both text frames

5. Cut whole text frame #1. Use type tool, and insert cursor before @ and paste into frame #2

The anchored text frame (name.surname) would be editable and remaining text is locked automatically


Now when uploading this template to Gelato Globe, you will be able to change the name.surname in the e-mail address field, but will be locked and anchored to the chosen text you insert before.

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