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Editable Templates: How To Anchor Objects

Anchored objects are items, such as images or text boxes, that are attached - or anchored - to specific text. The anchored object moved with the text containing the anchor as the text reflows. Use anchored objects for all objects that you want to associate with a particular (fixed) line or block of text.

The guide below shows how to create anchored objects in InDesign for your editable templates. You can anchor objects in two way: horizontal and vertical - both cases are explained below. 


In this article:


Horizontal Anchoring (case 1)

This first case is useful when you need to anchor two fields but you want to keep only one of them editable, e.g. first and second part of an email address - ''.


Horizontal Anchoring (case 2)

This second case is useful when you want to anchor 2 fields but keeping both of them editable, e.g. phone number and mobile number.


Vertical Anchoring

This type of anchoring can be used when the text in a field may not fit into one single line and you want the field to move up or down accordingly. 

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