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February 1, 2017- Gelato Globe Feature Updates

In January we launched three powerful features that will help increase your global team's efficiency: 
  1. editable images in templates
  2. bulk upload of print files
  3. fixed quantity rules 

Editable images in templates

edit images in a template
Marketing teams can control their brand by uploading editable templates and deciding which sections are open for editing. Colleagues can easily change text and now also images to adapt and make content relevant for their local markets. 


Bulk upload files

upload multiple files

Upload multiple design files at once with the new Bulk upload feature. It allows you to quickly populate your library by importing multiple files from Dropbox, regardless of format sizes. 
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Quantity rules 
order quantity rules
To encourage colleagues to order on-demand and keep control over print costs, you can opt for setting up order quanity rules. Decide on either a fixed or maximum quantity for when they order different print material to their locations. 
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