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Folder Privacy

Folder Privacy

There are some cases where you may want to restrict the visibility of certain assets in your Gelato account to specific user groups. The first step is to create user groups


When the groups are created, go to the library and hover the mouse over the folder to see the options. Select Set visibility: You will be asked whether you want to keep the folder public (Visible to all users) or to restrict its visibility (Visible to selected groups). In the latter case, you will also need to select the groups you want the folder to be visible for.



Sub-folder Privacy

Privacy of sub-folders can be configured the same way as parent folders, but there are additional restrictions in place for your added security:

1. All sub-folders inherit the privacy settings of the parent folder. This is enforced when creating, moving or changing the privacy of folders.

2. Privacy settings for sub-folders can be the same or stricter than the parent folder. For example, if the parent folder is restricted to groups "Marketing" and "Purchasing", then

  • Sub-folder privacy can be set to be visible to both, or just one of these two groups.
  • It will not be possible to make the sub-folder visible for groups other than "Marketing" and "Purchasing"
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