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How To Maintain Access Control (Roles)

About Permissions on Gelato Globe Account:

The Gelato Globe account Admin can allocate different permissions to the users of the account. Admin can define 'Roles' for users to give them various permissions. Once logged in to Gelato Globe account, select "Team" from the menu on the left side of the page and click on "Roles" for setting these permissions.

Set Permissions: To add a Role please click on the button "Create role" in top right corner.  Name the role and select what permissions the role shall have. To just change an already defined  role, please click on the name of the role (or click 'Edit') and make your changes. Note: To be able to invite create and change roles and permissions you need to have the permission "Manage users".

The different permissions you can set are:

  • Manage users - allows user to have full control for managing users, create roles and groups and edit user details. As this is an admin function, it automatically includes "Manage billing entities" permission
  • Manage file folders - allows user to create, remove or rename folders and set folders as private or public, and allow groups the access to specific folders
  • Upload files - allows user to upload new files
  • Order prints - allows user to place new order or reorder
  • Approve & pay - allows user to receive and approve payment requests from other users. As this is an admin function, it automatically includes "Order prints" permission.
  • See payment methods - allows user to view and select from all available payment methods
  • Manage billing entities - add billing entity office address, contact person name, and email to which Gelato Globe will send invoices for the orders placed by users using 'Invoice payment method'
  • View Reports - allows user to view the reports 

Regular Users of the Gelato Account can not see the 'Team' section shown in the following screenshots. Under 'Team > Users' the account admin can see full list of account users with filters available for Roles & Groups.



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