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How To Maintain Access Control (Roles)

As an Admin you can define Roles to allocate different permissions for the users of the account (Team > Roles). When you add a new Role you can select a custom name as well as what permissions it shall have.


Note: Basic plans allow two standard roles only, Admin and Regular User with predefined permissions which can be customised per your need. However you won't be able to change the name of these roles or to add more roles. If you need additional roles please upgrade your subscription.

The permissions you can set for a role are the following:

  • Manage users - to have full control for managing users, create roles and groups, and edit user details
  • Manage file folders - to create, remove or rename folders and set folders as private or public, and allow groups the access to specific folders
  • Upload files - to upload new files
  • Order prints - to place new order or reorder
  • Approve & pay - to receive and approve payment requests from other users
  • See payment methods - to view and select from all available payment methods at account level
  • Manage billing entities - to add billing entity address, contact person name, and email to which Gelato will send invoices for orders placed using invoice as a payment method
  • Manage shipping addresses - to add/remove company shipping addresses
  • View Reports - to view detailed reports on ordered files


Note: To be able to create and change roles and permissions you will need to have the permission Manage users (default permission for Admin roles)


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