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Setting Payment Method Rules

Select Settings in the drop down when you click on your icon with your initials in the top right corner of the page of your Gelato Globe account. Click on Payment in the menu on the left to select which payment methods should be enabled for the account.

The following options are available:

  • Pay with card
  • Pay by invoice: An invoice is sent as a PDF to the email address listed in the billing entity information. Note: The possibility to use invoice needs to first be activated by Gelato Globe support team, based on the contract your company has with Gelato. If you are allowed to use invoice, but can't find it under payment methods, your account admin should contact support.
  • Internal payment request: Enable this to get payment approval request from users. In order to be able to approve payment requests, your role should have Permission Approve & Pay enabled. In the order checkout flow, users will be able to select Payment request as a payment option and to choose who to send the payment request to.
  • Send payment request to all payment responsibles by default: When this option is enabled, the payment request will be sent to all users who have permission Approve & Pay.


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