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Adding a Recipient

It is crucial to provide a valid recipient phone number during the ordering process. Our shipping partners require this to contact recipients and ensure successful delivery, especially for express and cross-border shipments.

Important: Please include a mobile number whenever possible, as this will allow sending tracking information directly to the recipient. Also, please include a local number from the destination country. 

There are two different types of recipients: Company recipients and Personal recipients. The former is visible company-wide, while the latter is visible only to the user who created it.

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Pre-loading Recipients

You can pre-load recipients to your Gelato account by selecting Shipping from the left side menu. If you are an Admin, you will see both Company recipients and Personal recipients. Regular users will just see Personal recipients.


If you need to upload several addresses at the same time, we offer a bulk upload functionality (Shipping > Company (or Personal) recipient > Bulk address import) through an Excel template. 


Adding a Recipient at Checkout 

Alternatively, you can add a recipient during the checkout process. Yow will be asked to type in recipient name and phone number, under Shipping options.

Note: If the delivery is for you, you can select Change to me to pre-populate this field with your account details.  


Please note that if you add the email address of a person that is not a Gelato registered user, you will be able to invite that person to join the Gelato account.


Shipping to a hotel

If you are shipping to a hotel, please be aware of the following additional recommendations: 

  • Use express shipping
  • Use the hotel reception number (or a local phone number) as the contact number of the recipient
  • As recipient use the same name as in the hotel booking
  • Add the reservation/confirmation number (or meeting/group name for event-related material) and check-in/check-out dates in the delivery note - this will make it easier for the hotel to find the guest in their system
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