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Payment request workflow

Payment Request is a type of payment method which limits selected users from placing an order without this being approved first by another party, normally the account administrator. It is a useful option if you want to limit some rights for users and control costs. 

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How to enable the payment request workflow

  • Enable Internal payment request and at least one between Pay with card and Pay by invoice as payment methods at account level (Click on your initials at the top-right corner, then Settings > Payment method). Note: As an option, you can also select Send payment request to all payment responsibles by default to automatically send a notification to all users with Approve & pay permission enabled. 


  • Enable Payment request as the only payment method for the group(s) you want to use this feature.


  • Assign Approve & pay and See payment methods permissions to at least one person in the account (go to Team > Roles).

Note: Approve & pay will allow to receive payment requests and approve them, while See payment methods will allow to see all available payment methods at the account level, regardless of the payment method enabled for a specific group.

Tip: You can create a dedicated role with specific permissions (e.g. called Approver) and assign this role to the people you want to approve orders. 


Tip: It is recommended to assign Approve & pay permission to at least 2 users who can then approve payment requests. This way if one approver is unavailable, the users will still get their orders approved without delays. 


Payment request workflow

  • After adding items to the cart and selecting the delivery address, the user will continue to check out.
  • On the payment page, the user will select Payment request as payment method. Note: Users placing the order will not have to select a billing entity, for that will be done by the approver. 
  • The user will then select the person(s) that will approve their order, from a list of users whose role has Approve & Pay permission enabled.


  • If Send payment request to all payment responsibles by default is selected in the account settings, the user won't be able to select the approver.
  • An email notification will be sent to the approver(s), who will then review the order, edit if necessary, and complete the payment process using one of the payment methods available to the group(s) they belong to.
  • Also, a separate tab for approvals is provided on the left side menu where only the orders that require payment approval are shown pre-filtered. A reminder will be sent after 24 hours in case no action is taken.
Note: In case you need to change the quantity or to edit the information in a template (e.g. correct a typo), you will be able to make changes on the order review page.


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