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Payment Request: Approving Pending Orders

Payment Request is a type of payment method which limits selected users from placing an order without this being approved first by another party, normally the account administrator. It is a useful option if you want to limit some rights for users and control costs. 

If you have set up this payment method for your account and enabled for one or more user groups, there are several ways for you to monitor and approve the orders with payment request pending.

You can sort the orders by status, by selecting Orders from the left side menu and selecting Awaiting approval from the dropdown All statuses. You will also receive a notification that you have a pending payment by text or email.

Note: In order to be able to approve the pending payment requests you need the permission Approve & Pay. 




Alternatively you can approve the orders via the Approvals tab on the left side menu where only the orders requiring payment approval are pre-filtered.



Once you find the order(s) you want to approve, open the order details and click on Pay for order to proceed to checkout. The shipping address is set by the user who sent the payment request, so you just need to choose the payment method (and billing entity, in case you pay with invoice) to place the order. In case you need to change quantity or edit a template, you will be able to make changes on the order review page.



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