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Inviting New Users

There are two ways to invite your colleagues to join Gelato Globe:

  • Invite a new user via email
  • Share a sign-up link

Both of these options can be found in the left menu under Team > Users and clicking on Invite User on the right top corner.

Note: To be able to invite new users you need to have the permission Manage users.




1. Invite by email 

Select Team > Users and click on Invite User > Invite by email. Add the email addresses of the people you want to invite - you can add multiple addresses at the same time. Then select the role from the drop-down list of roles and assign the group(s) you want them to be part of.

In the Edit the invitation text box you can add a customised message, or keep the default if you prefer. After you have sent the invitations, an invitation email will be sent out. They will need to accept the invite and sign up. The admin will also get a notification email when a person invited has signed up.

Tip: You would normally use this option when you know exactly who should get access to your new Gelato account, and you know which group(s) they should be part of. You would also use the option each time a new person in your company should join Gelato as well. 



2. Inviting via sign up link 

Select Team > Users and click on Invite User > Share link. Then select the role and the group from the drop-down lists. A shareable link to invite new users will be generated. Copy the link to clipboard by clicking on Copy link.

You can share the link as a text, email or internally on your communication platforms. When the users click on the link they will be redirected to a sign-up page. The admin will also receive a notification email for every person who joins the account.


Tip: We recommend using this option if you have a large organisation and can't get all the emails of the people that should get access to your Gelato Globe. You can share the link on your intranet and allow people to sign up on their own.


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